Ok. So winter is definitely here and it has been pretty grey and gloomy the last couple weeks. Sure, the sky is blue today as I write this but it doesn’t make it much warmer even when you are looking out and seeing the sun shine (such trickery, Mother Nature). But if you have ever been in Cape Town during winter you know that it is mostly grey skies, dark clouds and horizontal/sideways/comes-up-from-the-ground-and-smacks-you-in-the-face rain.

Weather this treacherous often results in your wardrobe taking a backseat and colours coming second. It’s all 50 shades of grey up  in your style choices; some navy if you’re feeling adventurous and basic black to keep the layers still looking slimming. And while dark winter colours are chic and always, always stylish; there is nothing wrong with a pop of colour to brighten up your day. And your mood. Bright colours are directly linked to a happier disposition, so why not add some sunshine to the doom and gloom that is the Mother City’s cruel game of winter? In your face, Cape Town.

Luckily for all of us, winter colours are no longer totally restricted to a palette of neutrals, navies and plums (because lets face it, black and white is all year round baby). They are obviously still going to dominate your winter wardrobe but retailers and designers have decided to do away with the usual limitations and play with summer brights in a way that translates into colder climates. On a recent trip to Topshop South Africa I bought a bright pink beanie (right at the dam check out point) to add to my staple of winter darks. And when I put it on to come to work on Tuesday, it instantly perked me up and made me feel a little less filled with frost bite. Isn’t it crazy how easily you can change your attitude with clothing? Fashion really is more than just aesthetics and apparel.

So on Tuesday, pink beanie and a blue sky in hand, my lovely-wonderful Romy and I walked over to Clarke’s on Bree Street (where we had the best burgers – see my post about this hipster paradise here) and decided to add some fun to our lunch break by shooting some outfit snaps on the way. We even made friends with some security guards who thoroughly enjoyed our selfies.

Hey, gotta keep the fans happy.

Ankle boots: Cotton On

Jeans: Topshop South Africa (my second pair of Moto Joni jeans – seriously ladies these are game changers. Especially if you are a normal human being and have a little extra cushion).

White Vest (under my jersey): Cotton On

Knitted jersey: Cotton On

Parka: Cotton On (this is a staple in my wardrobe – it is literally the easiest thing to throw on and I love how trans-seasonal it is)

Sunglasses: Spitfire

Beanie: Topshop South Africa

Thanks again to Romy for being so patient and snap, snap, snapping away. You’re the best (even when you’re in a bad mood).

Happy Thursday err’body. Enjoy.

my new go-to pose. it makes not knowing what to do with your face so much easier. WIN.
my new go-to pose. it makes not knowing what to do with your face so much easier. WIN.

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bought these last year at Cotton On. still love them.
bought these ankle boots last year at Cotton On. still love them.

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obsessed with this massive gold (double) door somewhere on Bree Street.
obsessed with this massive gold (double) door on Bree Street.


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when in doubt, pout it out.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

sunglasses in winter? I don't hate it
sunglasses in winter? I don’t hate it
making friends wherever I go
making friends wherever I go. plus beanies.

And of course, you have to take a selfie and be a fully fledged dork while you’re posing in public. May as well. Massive thanks to you my Rom.


Until next time xxx





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