Welcome back, my lovely friends and followers!

First off – my bad for the lack in posts over these last two months. I was lucky enough to be having waaaaaaaaay too much fun and adventure to sit behind a computer editing photos and blogging but nonetheless I apologize for my absence. I am sure you all missed me terribly but you can understand the situation and so we can call it even. I’m here now and that’s what matters.

I am back from my travels now – which will be blogged for your enjoyment once I have gone through all 2419 photos (that number is not a joke btw) – and so I have a bit more time on my hands. Well, at least until I go back to work in two weeks. Until then, however, I am in my beautiful little hometown of Port Elizabeth and I promise there will be a more regular addition of posts for you guys.

Starting with this one…

It is about that time of the year when the leaves become greener and the skies bluer and we start to plan our summer sensations. But there are days in this shoulder season where the weather is not quite so decisive and warrants a flexible collection of clothing. This is actually my favourite kind of weather – Spring and Autumn are my best seasons albeit the most difficult to dress for (what can I say, I love a challenge). Transitional dressing has its obstacles, sure, but holy hell it can produce some stunning results! Just look to any of the street stylers at New York Fashion Week this past week (and London happening right now) and you will see moments of brilliance in this very much of-the-moment fashion statement. It also echoes one of the new season’s biggest trends – casual tailoring. Think sharp lines and suiting up with a dash of youthful fun and easiness.

During my time in New York (shame) I purchased the easy-going softer sister of the always fashionable khaki parka – a loosely constructed olive green linen coat that is one of my new faaaaaaaaaaavourite pieces in my wardrobe and just so happens to be the perfect answer to these sunny-but-still-a-little-chilly Spring days. My next best purchase was a pair of open-toed slingback ankle boots which I literally spent the entire trip searching for. I found them the day I was leaving so it is safe to say I was pretty dam THRILLED. They are the perfect shoe for this weather and are also all over London, so be warned – they will be everywhere you look. Then, no more than four days after stepping back on African soil, I found myself in a place that rivals no other and which I realized is so bloody fantastic I can’t live without: Woolworths. Luckily I had Mamma Mich with me when I spotted a pair of grey viscose fashion pyjamas and a few days later (today) the Port Elizabeth clouds came over and presented me with the perfect opportunity to showcase these new purchases in a combined effort. Cool enough to let the breeze in but covering you up when the wind blows and casual chic: what more could you want really?

Within this style, one of the most important factors is actually the fabrics you choose – linens and viscose are free and easy but still give you a little warmth so they are your best options. They’re also great because they are usually quite loose-fitting so they give you that “Oh, I just threw this on” effect. Colours also play a role in pulling off this look; and the best way to do it is to keep your palette neutral. Black and white are an obvious, always stylish choice but grey (my favourite colour) and khaki are also top contenders. Plus a little navy and berry hues can go a long way in nailing this middle-of-nowhere weather pattern. Especially if you keep your prints simple (or none at all). A pop of colour in your accessories is a great way to slowly slide into the summer months – or do what I do and add a bright lipstick to your neutral outfit. Man oh man, I do love a bold lip! My latest obsession is “Heroine” by MAC.

These are, of course, just some suggestions to help you ease into the warmer days where it’s all short shorts and bright florals. This is fashion; the main point is to have fun with what you wear and be comfortable with how you look. It’s all about you and what you think works. It is, after all, just clothing.

So here you go – a transitional tutorial from little old me. Shout out to the queen mom for taking these pictures (a struggle to explain to her, but she persevered and managed to snap a few goodies amidst the technological confusion).

Happy Friday my loves. It feels so good to be back with you.

Shoes: Forever 21

Pants: Woolworths

Top: Cotton On

Coat: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Vintage Market in Nottinghill

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)
UHHHHB-SESSED with this soft linen coat
photo 1
new babies

photo 4

photo 3

"in the moment" - shot by Mamma Mich
“in the moment” – action shot by Mamma Mich

photo 1 (2)

Until next time xxx


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