Culottes are in. There’s no escaping them. They’re here and baby, they’re here to stay.

I have seen girls wearing them and looking tres chic, but never in a million years did I think I could pull them off, mostly because I thought they were hideous. It has taken me ages to find a pair that works (after mustering up the courage to even try them on). Trends are fickle things; they are splattered across magazine pages and Instagram accounts but they are impersonal. Until you try them. Some trends are easier than others because they are in line with your current style choices or don’t veer too far from your existing wardrobe. But some trends are trickier, and seem a world apart from what you’re used to. There are those trends that, albeit totally different from your norm, jump out at you and beg you to try them on. And then there others that you know immediately are not for you and you bypass them, regardless of their popularity. Culottes are the former trend. And trying them on was the hardest part of the adoption process (followed closely by finding a pair that didn’t make me look a lesbian hockey coach).

So here I am, culottes on and ready to take on the fashion world. I also bought a pair of patent black court shoes from Woolies (my new favourite place on Earth) to pair with the pants; because getting this look right is all about proportions. They’re wide-leg and hit you just below the knee which, for a girl with my body shape, means I need to elongate my legs with a pointy shoe and keep the top simple and fitted. I also went all black to create a more slimming silhouette, adding a necessary dose of colour in my accessories – a stack of beaded bracelets bought from various craft markets in South Africa and inspired by the utterly fabulous Jerri Mokgofe from According To Jerri.

I shot this look at The Donkin Reserve in my hometown of Port Elizabeth (the city was ‘formed’ by Sir Rufane Donkin and named in honour of his wife, Elizabeth,  who loved it so much). Shout out to my beautiful Bulgarian, Maria, for playing photographer for the day. “You’re so nice”. I hope you enjoy this one and I hope that it inspires you to try something new, even if it doesn’t manifest into anything more than a giggle in the changing room.

Shoes: Woolworths

Culottes: Woolworths

Jersey: Mr Price

Beaded bracelets: Craft Markets

Hat: River Island

I had great hopes for the hat’s role in this outfit but they don’t call PE the Windy City for nothing.

Lipstick: Ruby Woo by M.A.C IMG_0504 IMG_0508 IMG_0543  IMG_0616

this is my take on a runway walk. CLASSIC.
this is my take on a runway walk. CLASSIC.

IMG_0695  IMG_0677

A R M P A R T Y  (and you're all invited)
(and you’re all invited)


feeling like such a lady in these court shoes. #fakeittillyoumakeit
feeling like such a lady in these court shoes. #fakeittillyoumakeit


bye, babes.
bye, babes.

Stay tuned for more on the blog, because there is a lot coming your way!

Until next time xxx

Haute Hoodlum


4 thoughts on “CULOTTES CRAZY

  1. I really love reading your blog Nina !! It’s fun and informative and you have a sharp wit that shines through your writing xx

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