About Haute Hoodlum.

Hello friends and lovers!

My name is Nina Brooklyn Brown. Many people think that Brooklyn really is my second name. It isn’t, but let’s keep that dream alive.

I am currently living THE dream in Hong Kong, working as an English teacher and taking in all the incredible sights, smells and sensations that this magical island has to offer. Hong Kong has such a powerful energy and as a creative; it is definitely a place that stimulates and inspires on the reg. I have an affinity for beauty, and love a lot, which makes life pretty wonderful to experience. Anyone who knows me knows that fashion, travel, photography, interior design, tea, mini-food, sushi, trees and fresh flowers, the sky, black babies, British accents, classic Disney movies and a bloody good jol are on the top of my list of favourites. That list goes on forever, by the way. I’m also always down for an adventure so spontaneous road trips across foreign countries without a working GPS  but a banging playlist are usually a winner in my books. I’m a Gemini and I’m pretty good at ticking all those boxes; especially the social aspects. I also take absolute aaaaaaages to decide what to order at a restaurant because a) I love food and b) I am an indecisive Gem. Plus I do most of my thinking in the shower.

I’m a dreamer,sure, but alsosomeone who love to learn and expand my intellectual horizons. I hold an Honours in Fashion Theory & Merchandising from LISOF and a Bachelor of Arts in Film, Media and English from UCT. I also recently graduated from the VOGUE Intensive Summer Course held at The Conde Nast College of Fashion in London. Talk about LIFE CHANGING. Best month of my life and I am now officially uuuuhb-sessed with London.

But above all, I believe it’s the people in your life that make those golden memories happen, which explains why I have so many of them. My family is the most wonderful bunch of strange individuals, my friends are not far off; and I would be nothing without them. I love to play and sometimes indulge in childhood treats like party hats, slippery slides and aquariums; but I can be a serious dork too. Having fun is always, always an option, but ambition is one of my favourite, most attractive qualities in a person. Besides, stupid people annoy me. One day I’m going to spend my days in a FAB FAB FABULOUS career in fashion and writing, living in a bustling city of treats and opportunities, so hard work is rather vital. But it is worth the sweat, because dreams are so much better when they’re realized. Plus I’m already halfway there.

So come play, let’s hang out, and enjoy the treats on offer.


Haute Hoodlum


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