About Haute Hoodlum.

I’m really bad at “About Me” pages (a great start for a writer). I’m indecisive and most of my best ideas come to me in the shower. But I’ll do my best for anyone who has bothered to click this far because without you I’d really just be speaking to myself.

My name is Nina Brooklyn Brown. Most people think that Brooklyn really is my second name. It isn’t, but let’s keep that dream alive.

I’m currently living in Hong Kong, working as an English teacher and taking in the myriad sensations that this magical island has to offer. It’s also the second of at least six countries I’d like to live in in this life. Hong Kong has such a powerful energy and as a creative; it is definitely a place that stimulates and inspires me.Β Β This blog is a project that began almost 6 years ago as a way to package and distribute some of those inspirations. Plus show off new clothes. It isn’t meant to be serious or life-changing. It’s a fashion blog, a style file. It’s mostly outfit photos. I write how I speak and I write what I know. Perhaps you’ll find some humour in all of this. Maybe a little guidance. Or maybe you’ll see nothing more than a girl teaching her mom to take photos of her against cool walls.

I’m a dreamer and an intellectual (perfectly echoing my favourite phrase and general approach to the inherent duality of life: “Fashion And Function”) and a firm believer in the power of women. Call me a feminist, call me a modern woman, call me what you want because IDGAF.Β  I mean, most of this blog is pictures of me and sentences about how far I’ve come on a journey of self-empowerment so #sticksandstones.

Truly I believe that you manifest your reality, so life really is what you make of it. This is a snippet of that creation.

So come play, let’s hang out, and enjoy the treats on offer.


Haute Hoodlum


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